Thursday, May 8, 2008

YA! We're done with our undergraduate careers (hopefully!). Can you believe it? 4 years (some 5) together!! Tomorrow we'll be practicing for one of the most exciting days of our lives! Some will be soon to celebrate the MOST exciting day of their lives...if that's what you wanna call it! I'm just so excited for all of us. We've made it. We're just one silly test away from being RNs!! Can you believe it? I can. You're all awesome, intelligent and successful!


  1. Marci said...
    Yay-PJ's all day!!!! No interuptions! Sometime I actually plan to study for NCLEX. It is 9am and I am cleaning my computer of "college" -non-needed- items. Yay!
    We have learned so much in our time together. I am proud of all of you. I know you all will do well with NCLEX and you lives. Good Luck and I wish you all well>
    Joni said...
    Hey Guys,

    Hope ya'll summer is getting started off to a good adventure. Has anyone received their transcripts yet? I will be in Colorado for the summer if anyone passes that way let me know, you'd have a place to crash!


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