Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hey guys!

Hope studying is going well!!! Keep up the good work! You're all AWESOME!
Hey did anyone get authorization to test yet or know when transcripts are in. I'm afraid to call the school or the board for fear they'll put mine in the bottom of the pile! I don't know about your state but Idaho's Board of Nursing is a bit on the cranky side! Let us know on here with a comment or e-mail me at

Also, if you've set up a job, let me know so I can let everyone else know! Also, soon-to-be married people, let us know how stuff is going and don't forget to post pictures! You know who you are!


  1. JDLutman said...
    Katy! And everyone else...I just called the school and the transcripts went out in today's mail. For those getting their license in Montana, I also called the Board of Nursing, and they are taking two weeks to process the paperwork once they get the you probably won't be hearing from them until June 11th or so. It just gives us a little extra study time! ;-) Hope everyone is having a great summer! Take care and keep in touch! -Julie
    זכה said...
    Thanks Julie! That's awesome that transcripts are out! But UGH I think a lot of us wanted to take the test sooner rather than later so it's not looking good. Boise only has one testing center and A LOT of schools to take the test! Oh well, it's probably better this way, I haven't been studying like I should.

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